• internationale Kfz-Versicherung und Grenzversicherung für Europa
  • internationale Kfz-Versicherung und Grenzversicherung für Europa
  • internationale Kfz-Versicherung und Grenzversicherung für Europa
  • internationale Kfz-Versicherung und Grenzversicherung für Europa

Well-insured through Europe!

International motor insurance and frontier insurance for travelling in your own car through Europe

Are you from a non-European country and do you need international motor insurance and frontier insurance/a Green Card respectively frontier insurance for your own car to travel through Europe?

Europe is a popular travel destination to many people from overseas and it is not surprising that more and more people want to explore Europe’s cultural diversity with its vibrant cities and great landscapes driving their own car. For many travelers from the USA, it also means finding out about their own family’s history by exploring their ancestors places of residence.

No matter if you want to drive across Italy or enjoy the wonderful fjords of Norway, Europe offers plenty of impressive attractions that you can discover driving your own car.

For perfect insurance coverage for your car, TourInsure offers international motor insurance and frontier insurance/a Green Card. Our insurance coverage applies in every European state – no matter if you want to travel to Belgium, Spain or Austria. Take out your insurance for your own car via TourInsure and we will send you your insurance policy prior to your departure.

Exception: You buy your car in Europe and then continue traveling

Many travelers buy a car for traveling through Europe when they arrive in Europe. If you buy a car in a European country, the vehicle will be registered and insured in the respective country. You arrive in France, for example, and buy a car there. Your car will have to be registered and insured in France. If you then travel to the Netherlands, you will possibly need additional international motor insurance. With this insurance you can travel from the Netherlands to Germany or any other country in Europe without having to worry about your insurance coverage again.

TourInsure gladly customizes your insurance coverage according to your travel plans.

Car insurances from non-European countries are invalid in Europe

In Europe, insurance conditions are different to those of most other non-European countries. In the USA, for example, the driver, not the vehicle, is insured. In Europe, it is the other way round. In Europe, your car, not the driver, will be insured which means everybody may drive it. Please keep in mind the following conditions: The insurance coverage applies to every person of more than 21 years of age and a premium surcharge of 25% will be charged for people under 25 years of age. Of course, the driver needs to have a valid driver’s license.

Third party insurance for your car is mandatory. Third party insurance covers damages that you caused with your car to a third party or objects owned by a third party. We recommend you also buy comprehensive insurance on top of third party insurance to cover possible damages on your own car. The amount of the maximum compensation as well as a deductible per case of damage will be defined in the comprehensive insurance policy.

TourInsure is your expert for international motor and tourist insurances. We will provide your international insurance policy for your travels through Europe in your own car prior to your departure. Please download our application form and send it back to us filled out and signed. After receipt of the insurance premium (please see premium table attached to the application form) you will receive your insurance policy for your travel through Europe in your own car. For further important information about insurance coverage and the conditions for full comprehensive insurance coverage, please see our information sheets attached to the application form.

Green Card is valid for traveling from Germany into other EU member states

As an EU citizen, your insurer’s Green Card usually provides insurance coverage for your car when you travel to the Netherlands, Bulgaria or any other EU member state. This insurance coverage already includes every EU member state which means that you do not need additional international motor insurances and frontier insurance for your car. When you travel to another country in Europe, for example Montenegro, please check in advance if your travel destination is stated on your Green Card. If this is not the case, please contact TourInsure.

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