International motor insurance and frontier insurance for traveling with your own motorcycle through Africa

If you want to explore Africa with your own motorcycle, you will need the right international motor insurance and frontier insurance

“My home is my castle – all over the world.” This is the motto of many people who want to make their dreams come true. They travel the world in their own motorcycle and in the course of such a journey also many countries in Africa. We offer international motor insurance to guarantee the best coverage for your motorcycle in Africa.

TourInsure is the expert for international motor insurances and frontier insurances. We can provide your insurance policy prior to your departure in order to guarantee coverage of your motorcycle from the first day of your exciting vacation – no matter where in Africa your journey will lead you.

Just download our application form and send it back to us filled out and signed. After receipt of the insurance premium (please see premium table attached to the insurance application form) you will receive your insurance policy for your travel in your own motorcycle through Africa.

The Green Card ensures coverage for your motorcycle only in a few countries in Africa

It is stated on your Green Card in which countries your insurance provides coverage. In Africa, coverage is often provided in Morocco or Tunisia only. If your African travel destination is not listed on your insurance card, your motorcycle will not be insured. This is the case for most countries in Africa, such as Namibia, Kenya and South Africa.

We recommend to take out your international motor insurance and frontier insurances directly via TourInsure.

Your insurance for your motorcycle in Africa

Feel free to contact us prior to your journey through Africa and we will gladly give you advice regarding the right international motor insurance and frontier insurances for your motorcycle. We help you avoid unpleasant surprises, because insurance conditions can vary from country to country in Africa.

For further information on insurance coverage and the conditions for full comprehensive coverage, please see our information sheets attached to the insurance application form.

application form


  • Please sign the credit card authorization form and send it back to us by fax or post only (not by email)!
  • Please find the address on the application form.